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About Us

Founded in 2018, FPS Civil LLC is a rapidly growing construction company in the civil underground industry. FPS’s expertise and roots are in excavation, grading, and underground utilities working for private customers and municipalities in the State of Arizona. Our team historically has been well respected and known in the industry because of our focus on safety and quality; we shine when it comes to performing the most difficult and challenging projects. We like digging deep, the deeper and the more challenging, the better is our philosophy.

FPS is committed to building long-lasting partnerships with our customers and providing a safe workplace for our employees and customers. With FPS Civil, you can expect open communication, honesty, and a very hard-working team that will be at your service from beginning to end to ensure your project is completed with the utmost quality in the industry.


This team has performed in excess of $25 million worth of earthwork, wet, and dry utility work. They are professional, and their work is consistently high quality. Their skills, resources, and attention to detail enables them to adapt to numerous challenges while maintaining an aggressive schedule.